7th of July 2017 06:43 PM Link
Fly high little guy! No words 💙💙💙
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26th of June 2017 07:33 PM Link
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26th of June 2017 07:32 PM Link
Hi everyone,

Just starting to come around again from my stint in The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London! They sure put me through hell but I must say a massive thank you to all of the team who cared and will continue to care for me! They were so kind! My specialist nurse even gave me a job which I hope to do some day for her! Finally filling in the jig saw that's my health but I will continue to push and reach for my goals!

An enormous shout out to the success of the first Legenderry Relay for life by Cancer research! Especially to our very own Survivors and to our very own "Rory's Rockets!"
I wish I had have been there! Pics look amazing! It's great to see Derry being so pro active!
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26th of June 2017 01:20 PM Link
26th of June 2017 01:20 PM Link
20th of June 2017 09:53 AM Link
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15th of June 2017 07:00 PM Link
Hi everyone! Sorry you haven't heard from me in a while, I've just been flat out with exams, and my mum has been in hospital very unwell. Thankfully, my last exam is tomorrow, and on Sunday, I (finally) travel to London to a specialist hospital, which as you all know, I've been waiting on for some time now. Before we go over, we had a few things to tie up, and one of them was the next​ Sorcha's Surprise. Alexandra Johnston was chosen to be the next recipient of Sorcha's Surprises, so we donated £1000 towards a family holiday for the Johnsons this summer, and I'm delighted to say that we were able to do this today. Alexandra is fighting Ewing's sarcoma for the third time, and hopefully this money will go some way towards giving the family a much needed break. I personally know how important these times are to families. I know that I'll be traveling to London on Sunday, so I wish my dad an early happy Father's day. I know for a fact that I wouldn't be standing here today if it wasn't for my dad, and more importantly, I wouldn't be the man that I am today without his wisdom, guidance, and support. Happy Father's day, Dad, from me and Faith.

With all that said, I'm going on a well deserved break for a while, after this Hell of a year, so I can come back stronger and continue to change the cancer Journie of kids in the North West. I'll keep you posted on how I get on in London.
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4th of June 2017 06:12 PM
Hi guys!! I just wanted to post a quick wee update! For the past few weeks, we've been planning a wee day up to Strawberry Cottages in Malin Head for several of our Supermums, and this was supposed to happen yesterday, but alas, my own Supermum was admitted to hospital on Friday with a serious chest infection, so we decided to postpone the mum's evening as none of them wanted to go without her! She's still in and doing a bit better!! I've got my second chemistry exam tomorrow and I'm hoping​ to come home to her, but it's looking a little unlikely. Get well soon, mum xx
31st of May 2017 07:35 PM Link
Hi guys, I have lots to fill you in on but I am still looking for.a nail technician who would be able to spend the afternoon with some very special ladies? Please get in touch if your free from 2.30pm this Saturday 3rd June?
Jamie 💙
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29th of May 2017 08:01 PM Link
Would any beauty therapists, nail technicians like to help me out for a couple of hours on Sat 3rd June from 2.30pm for some supermums?
Thanks Jamie💙
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29th of May 2017 04:20 PM Link
28th of May 2017 09:22 PM
Hi everyone,

22nd of May 2017 07:08 PM Link
Hi everyone! I've been meaning to write this for ages, but I've been drowining in studying (I have five exams this week), so in this brief couple of hours of downtime, I'd like to express a massive thank you to several groups.
Firstly, to the A2 Business Studies class at Lumen Christi for everything they’ve done over the last few months, including a bake sale, raffle, and selling candy canes at Christmas. It means so much to me personally whenever people my age decide to do stuff for Jamie’s Journie, so thank you all so much.
Next, I’d like to thank Louise and Samantha who raised £523.17 and the Allstate Charity Commission who raised £560.
Finally, I’d like to say a massive thank you to Oakgrove Primary School who raised an incredible £550 pounds in their non-uniform day on behalf of #TeamSorcha
Without people like this, Jamie’s Journie wouldn’t be possible, and I have some pretty big things planned for over the summer and into September which I can’t wait to share, but that I have to keep tight lipped about at the minute, so watch this space next week!
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19th of May 2017 10:09 PM Link
Please come along to this afternoon tea and show your kindness to little Ray who has just been diagnosed with cancer!
Thanks in advance! See you there! Anne McCarron! Please share guys. Thanks.
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16th of May 2017 11:38 AM Link
I can't believe that it's been an entire year since I met Mark Hamill. This time last year, I was devastated because I wasn't able to sit all my GCSE's and had to resort to predictive grades for most of them, and in the week leading up to meeting Mark, I was actually feeling horrendous, to the point that I told my mum on the Saturday, "If Mark Hamill himself called to the door, I'd tell him to leave." Thankfully, I was feeling marginally better on the Monday, and headed down to the Redcastle to do some "Hamill hunting" with Sinead, Paul, Caolan and Ciaran. I had no idea that Mark had gotten in touch and said that he wanted to meet me after hearing about everything that I'd done over the past year through Jamie's Journie. Sitting here a year later, I'm reminded of something that Caolan turned around and said whenever the Emerald Garrison invaded his house a few months before we met Mark. After Vader and co had departed, he turned around and said, "This is the best day of my life." Caolan saying that has resonated with me over the past year and a half. That was one of the most quickly pulled together Jamie's Journie surprises that I think, even to this day, we have ever managed to pull off, and yet it has had such an enormous impact on all of us. Through Jamie's Journie, I have not only been able to provide experiences like this, but what a lot of people don't realise, is that I get as much out of things like this (if not more) than the people who I'm helping do, but I have to admit, that meeting Mark Hamill takes the cake. Thanks to everyone who liked and shared the post that my mum put up, and basically kicked Mark's hotel room door down, I was able to meet my hero, and have the best day of my life. Without Jamie's Journie, that wouldn't have happened, so thank you all so much for the past two years (minus three days). It's ironic that I'm writing this today, as I first started Jamie's Journie the night before my first GCSE Maths module, and now, writing this, I'm taking a break from studying for my first A Level Maths module which is tomorrow morning. The Force works in mysterious ways....
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16th of May 2017 11:33 AM Link
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13th of May 2017 05:44 PM Link
In January w heard through a family friend that a young lady who had told her story through #teamsorcha had gotten the worst news possible. Her prognosis had changed from in remission to terminal. Due to get married in August, she wanted to bring it forward to February. Thanks to family and friends and of course the kindness of local businesses, the young mother of 3 had just a couple of weeks to get ready for the best day of the rest of her life!
Leah married Tony Mc Laughlin at the end of February and I was humbled that #teamsorcha and Jamies Journie could help in some small way!

We got the sad news yesterday that Leah gained her angel wings and we would like to extend our most sincere sympathy to Tony, her beautiful children and her extended family and friends! No words are enough at this time but knowing that she got to have her dream wedding and leave the family with beautiful memories I pray in time life will become a little easier for you all!
Such a beautiful girl taken too soon! 🌈
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12th of May 2017 08:25 PM Link
Hi everyone! Just a short status tonight as I'm absolutely shattered- revision is really taking it's toll. I just wanted to let you all know about an information evening for the Race For Life that's happening this summer, in which I will be participating. If you know anyone with cancer, or who has survived cancer, then let them know that this is on, as it's for a great cause!
Legenderry Relay - Survivor Registration/Information Evening
Survivors' Lap of Honour Relay For Life Legenderry will begin with the inspiring Survivors' Lap of Honour. Cancer survi...
18th of May 2017 06:00 PM
5th of May 2017 10:23 PM Link
Can't believe one of the journie kids willbe getting this!
5th of May 2017 09:06 PM Link
Amazing news for our kids!!! Congratulations jamies journie! X