We do everything we can to help those who are affected by cancer,

whether it is by providing emotional support, helping with being admitted to hospital, and so much more. In addition to providing support, we also have a monthly VIP Day, where we take one of our local teens or young people out on a special experience, such as sending a guy to see his favourite team play, or a “Paparazzi Experience” for a girl. We do this in order to show people that even when you are sick, you can still have fun, and to simply let them (and ourselves) have a bit of fun! I think I’ll let some of the pictures do the talking on this one.

Rory’s Rescue Baskets

Something that I think not a lot of people realise is that whenever you have cancer, surprise hospital trips are VERY common. This is made much worse whenever you consider that the hospital where you are recieving treatment is an hour and a half away (If you’re lucky) Rory’s Rescue Baskets came into being whenever one of our kids, Rory, was rushed to hospital with a serious infection. Due to how quickly Rory went downhill, his mum and dad didn’t have much time to pack, so (due to four years of experience) we threw together a the first “Rory’s Rescue Basket” and named it after the wee man.

The pack includes the essentials needed for a hospital visit, including pajamas, and toys for the kid, and a kettle, food, and lots and lots of coffee and tea for the parent!

Help For All

Our initial goal was simply to help provide support to teens and young people going through a cancer diagnosis. However, as we grew as a community, it became evident to us that it is not only young people who need help, but adults and kids as well. Now, we aim to provide support to anyone affected by cancer, be it a some body who has been diagnosed, a sibling, a parent, a child- whatever.

If cancer has affected you, you can find help with us.